We recommend getting your trailer washed out anytime its going to be sitting or after its unloaded before putting new animals into it. Washing out your trailer is the single easiest way to prevent communicable diseases from being passed around and helps keep your trailer sanitary and your floors clean of corrosive urine which can start to damage even sealed floors. If you are going to offer your trailer for sale a clean trailer will sell faster and generally get higher offers then a dirty trailer.

We offer washouts of gooseneck or bumper pull livestock trailers. We do not wash out semi trailers. We do not offer detailing or exterior washing of trailers we only wash out the interior animal areas. Trailers will go through a 4-7 part washing process depending on the level of service you want:


*1) Stripping – This is only part of the process if the trailer is brought to us with shavings/hay remaining that needs to be shoveled/swept out.

*2) Mat Removal – If  deep clean has been ordered any mats will be removed and rinsed off on both sides.

2) Rinse – Using a garden hose the trailer is rinsed out of and any stuck on areas are allowed to soak to make removal easier. If a deep clean has been ordered any floor staining will be dealt with at this state with the power washer.

3) Soap/Sanitize – The interior is sprayed with a sanitizing soap solution. If a deep clean has been ordered mats will be treated outside of the trailer with the same solution.

4) Power Wash – The trailer is rinsed with a power washer to get all debris, soap, and any removable staining out.

5) Rinse – A final rinse ensures all remnants of soap and dirty water are removed and the trailer is fully clean.

7) If a deep clean has been ordered mats will be replaced in the trailer at this time and the trailer rinsed again with the mats installed.

*These services require additional fees and upfront notice at the time of booking.


Pricing depends on the size of the trailer and how dirty it is. The average cost for a wash out of a trailer brought to us already stripped is around $75, if we have to strip the trailer the average price is $100, and the average price for a full deep clean wash out is around $150.

This pricing is when trailers are brought to us, we offer wash outs at your location for an additional fee and you must be able to supply water which we will not pay you for or give a discount for. If you do not have water available or do not wish to provide water you must bring your trailer to us. We can also pickup and return your trailer to you for an additional fee and a properly fulled out release of liability.

These services take 1-4 hours depending on the size of the trailer and how dirty it is. We do not do wash outs when it is raining or when the temperature will be under 50 degrees.