Our pigs are raised in pastures and allowed to raise their piglets naturally without too much human intervention. We abhor the industrialization of the livestock. The keeping and the confinement of pigs to gestation crates and crowded small pens where they cannot exhibit their natural behaviors, no matter how clean, is not within our moral and ethical standards.

We offer for sale piglets and hogs for your own homestead or for your family. Weaned and suckling piglets start at $80. After pigs hit 20 lbs they are sold $4.60 a lb hanging weight. We also from time to time have USDA inspected packaged meat for sale from $1.99-12.99 a lb depending on the cut.

We maintain a hybrid group of hogs mixed between Yorkshire, Hampshire, Hereford, Red Wattle, Tamworth, Duroc, Berkshire, and Large Black. We breed for quick growth, and gentle temperament. The greatest majority of our hogs genetics are Yorkshire, Red Wattle, Hereford, and Hampshire.

Our hogs are grown in large pasture pens where they have access to dirt, other pigs, trees, whatever grows out of the ground, and self made ponds or mud pits. They forage and they are also fed out a diet of specially blended feed that we created ourselves through trial and error that we find gives us the best meat quality.

We also offer the ability to create a diet curtailed to the customers desires for a hog. We have done this in the past for clients with specific dietary needs or ethical needs. To participate in this program the client must purchase at least 2 pigs from us at weaning. These pigs will be moved to a pasture pen by themselves and raised on the diet created by the client. The client will cover the cost of the feed they have selected and we will raised the hogs to the desired weight of the client. We charge $50-100 a head a month until the hog is butchered out at the clients chosen butcher.

We do not offer butchering services and all hogs are taken to USDA or Custom Processors for butchering if the client is not doing the butchering themselves. Clients are free to butcher out their owned hogs on site but we supply nothing but water for this endeavor clients must bring their own method of humane dispatch and butchering and we do not offer cold storage.