We offer the best pricing on the red hens to those who preorder from our next chicken run. Birds are $3 if preodered and prepaid before we leave for our next chicken pickup. There is a 250 bird minimum for this discount. The rules for preorder are as follows:

  1. Prepayment must be received before we leave for the pickup of the birds. We have to tell the facility how many birds we are picking up BEFORE we leave so this is crucial.
  2. Prepayment may be in cash, cash app, or paypal via cleared funds. No echecks or checks.
  3. You must pickup your birds at one of our stops in route OR at our facility in Brantley AL.
    1. If you are picking up at our facility your pickup MUST be done within 48 hours of arrival or there will be a 10 cent per bird per day fee for feed that must be paid by the end of each day.
    2. You must pickup within 7 days of arrival in Brantley or your will be considered forfeiting your birds AND prepayment.
  4. There is NO REFUND for prepayment if you fail to pickup your birds you forfeit your money.
  5. If you want your birds loaded in your cages your cages must be brought to us on our route to pickup the birds or to our facility in Brantley before the run.
    1. Your cages should have labels or markings that clearly ID them as yours.

Please message us on facebook to preorder.