Currently we are focusing on two breeds, Cream Crested Legbars & Black Maranas. We often have hatching eggs from these breeds. They are $3.00 each and you must preorder and prepay before we can collect them for you. Without a preorder we put most of their eggs in the incubator and hatch them. Chicks are $5 each on the Black Copper Marans and $4 each on Cream Crested Legbar male chicks and $8 each for female chicks.

We have eating eggs from time to time either that we decided not to hatch out and have no preorders on or from our mixed breed flocks. The current price for 1 dozen eggs is $4.50 if you supply the container and $5 if we supply the container. Our eggs vary from medium to large.


Cream Crested Legbar

Cream Crested Legbars are a medium breed, they weight between 5-7 lbs as an adult and lay medium very light blue eggs approximately once every 3 days give or take. They auto sexing breed, upon hatching one can easily distingish male chicks from females making them a very handy breed on a small farmstead that cannot take on too many roosters. They tend to be quite docile and even the roosters do not have much aggression on average.