The majority of the horses we acquire come from auctions across the USA and were run as loose lot horses. These are horses that were brought in and left by their owners with no information on them. Most of these are grade horses and a large amount are studs. From time to time, if selling low, we may also buy horses ridden in the ring or handled in the ring by owners. Our goal is to find healthy horses who would likely get a great home if they had some training and were marketed correctly. To be accepted into our program the horse in question must meet certain criteria:

  • Horse must show no signs of being drugged. We look for three key signs of a horse potentially being drugged. If the horse has any of them we will not take the horse on as there is too much risk.
  • We do not work with ponies, mules, or donkeys.
  • Horses must be at least 14 HH or projected to be 14 HH by age 2.
  • We do not intake horses with lameness.
  • We do not intake horses with cancerous growths or light gray horses due to the greatly increased risk of cancer.
  • Horse must not display obvious signs of dangerous aggression. We do NOT work with human aggressive horses. There are 1000000 great minded horses that just need some training we do not waste time or put ourselves at risk to try to tame a horse that wants to kill people.