Important things to know about our transport service:


If you have not received, signed, and returned shipping contract AND deposit you are not booked with us. A signed contract is required for ALL transports and we do not book without both a signed contract AND a deposit. Deposits can only be paid on our website we accept credit cards and bank drafts only. However you WILL NOT be considered officially booked until the funds are cleared so if you use a bank draft you must have at least 7 days before your pickup  otherwise the ONLY method is credit card because we cannot pickup without the deposit cleared.

The deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE IN MOST CASES (read your contract) but it can be applied to another trip for up to 6 months after making if you have to cancel the booking. You must cancel at least 24 hours before pickup to be have to use the deposit toward another trip. After 6 months the deposit is forfeited. The deposit ensures people are sure about their booking. Previously without a deposit in place people would book with us and then never cancel but chose another hauler and we would arrive to find the horse gone or no one there. This is a waste of our time, equipment, and fuel. Since instilling the deposit policy we have not had another issue with people booking and then flaking.

When your horse is loaded you are given the ability to track our rig for the duration of your horses trip. We ask that you do not make a habit of repeatedly calling or texting us as we are transporting your horse as we do not answer text, messages, or take calls while driving and during stops we are busy trying to tend to the horses. We will send a progress report and photo of each horse at the end of each driving day. We do not drive between the hours of 11 PM and 4 AM under any circumstances. Phone calls and text after 10 PM will not be answered or returned until the next day.

We feed a 50/50 ALFALFA/BERMUDA hay during our trips. Alfalfa helps buffer the stomach acids of horses which reduces the risk of stress related ulcers during their trip. We DO NOT fed any grain or carry straight grass type hay. If your horse has a restricted diet that excludes alfalfa you will need to provide the hay/feed for your horse for their trip. Horse are provided clean water at all times. We stop and horses are checked every 3-4 hours while in motion.

There are cameras in the trailer that record at all times and for an extra fee an owner can have a magnetic webcam placed in their horses stall and live access to the webcam during their horses trip (signal permitting). THIS camera is NOT a recording type it is a webcam type so we cannot play back footage at a later date for an owner.

In order to be transported on our rig your horse MUST have a current negative EIA test (Coggins) that will not expire in the next 14 days AND if leaving the state it is picked up in (or in states that requirement them to be had for intrastate moves) your horse will also need a Health Certificate not older than 30 days old. In states where they are required, a recent brand inspection is also required. We WILL NOT LOAD any horse that does not have these required documents and you will FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT if they are not available IN PRINTED FORM at the time of pickup. We DO NOT accept electronic copies.

The owners are responsible for ALL damage their horse does to our equipment and these cost can add up quickly. If you have a destructive horse be upfront so we can discuss ways to mitigate any damage they may do. The cost for trailer repairs can quickly go into the the thousands and we hold a lien on your horse for ALL costs associated with the trip. A bent or broke stall door can cost upwards of 1500 dollars to replace, torn trailer pads can cost hundreds of dollars, and chewed or bent stall posts and walls can be very expensive. Be upfront about your horse’s behaviour so we can recommend ways to accommodate them. Our primary trailer is almost brand new, and therefore, ALL repairs are handled by the dealer themselves.

We do NOT carry insurance that will pay for your horse if there is an accident regardless of who is at fault. Cargo insurance only pays around 60 cents per pound of cargo. You should carry equine mortality insurance for the value of your animal or you assume all risks of loss.

All standard rates include the transport of one saddle and one small box of tack not exceeding 50 lbs or 2′ in any dimension. Your saddle and bag must have the name of the person shipping the horse on both of them (affixing a tag to the saddle horn or stirrup is the best way to do this with a saddle). Saddles can only be dropped off at the same location as the horse is going to be dropped off.

Horses will not be unloaded until the final transport fee is paid, we maintain a lien on your horse until the entire cost of transport, including any vet costs or damage to the trailer cost is paid in full. Failure to pay for your service fees will result in your horse being brought back to our ranch and held until the bill is paid. A fee of $15 a day plus the transport cost back to our ranch will be added to your bill if that happens.  Failure to make payment within 20 days will lead to the auctioning of the horse at the next public sale as prescribed by state law.

Our Transport Rates, each rate is PER mile from pickup address to drop off address by google maps:

Standard Rate (1 stall): $1.75

This rate applies when you are adding a horse to a non existent route or a horse that is more than 50 miles off an existing route.

Box Stall Rate: $2.25

This rate is for a double stall for your horse. This is REQUIRED for a mare foal pair transport.

Triple Stall Rate: $2.75

This is a 3 stall wide stall that we HIGHLY recommend for a mare foal pair.

Fill Rate (1 stall): $1.25

This rate applies when you are adding a horse that is within 50 miles of an existing route.

Fill Rate (Additional Stalls): $0.75

This rate applies for each additional horse from the same pickup going to the same drop off.

Full Trailer Rate: $3.50

This rate applies to a load of horses going from one SINGLE location to another SINGLE location directly. No other horses will be loaded and the run will go straight from Point A to Point B with only sleep or check stops in between. We can accommodate up to 9 horses in stalls or 12 horses loose.