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Chicken Run Pre-Order

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Chicken Pre-Order

Please note that the price listed above would be the total amount of the order. This is shown for your reference only. This form is free to submit. But you will have a deposit due before the transport run leaves to pickup your birds. You will be billed this via an invoice sent to your email at a later date.

The deposit will be $2 per bird ordered. This deposit will be due once the run has reached the minimum bird requirement for us to make the run. You MUST pay this deposit within 48 hours of being invoiced.

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Final cost

The final estimated price is :

This is the total amount you will be responsible for paying for your chickens. This includes transport to the chosen pickup location. The price is all inclusive of the bird and the transport costs. You will be pay a $2 per bird deposit upfront BEFORE the transport run occurs. This deposit will be taken off the total due listed above and the remaining balance will  be due when you pickup the birds. The deposit becomes due after we have filled the minimum quota of 400 birds. You will be alerted via email when this occurs. The run will take place within 14 days (usually less than 7 but depending on our schedule/the facilities schedule up to 14) after filling the minimum pre-order quota.

When you sign this form and hit submit below you are entering in an ACTUAL ORDER for live chickens. This is NOT a request to be contacted back this is an ACTUAL ORDER TO BUY THESE CHICKENS.

Your order will be saved and added to the QUOTA for the next Chicken Run. When that QUOTA hits the minimum required (400 birds) you will receive an update email notifying you that the run will take place in the next 14 days and an invoice for the deposit that you must pay within 48 hours of receipt. After receipt of your deposit we will update you with an itinerary with dates and times for the next Chicken Run and the times for pickup. 24 hours before the run you will get a reminder email about your pickup times. There are no refunds of deposits EXCEPT if we cancel the run entirely. There are no refunds on birds period.  Please go back and read the rules on the Chicken Run Page and make sure you understanding the information completely BEFORE hitting submit.

There is NO money required to submit this form but this is an order form not a contact request.



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